Visions of a Desirable Post-Corona Future – A University of Twente Questionnaire

Corona Questionnaire

Assistant Professor Anneke Sools and one of our project collaborators, Assistant Professor Yashar Saghai, are conducting research on what we envision the post-corona future to look like. If you’d like to be involved in this project, read more below!

Will the world never be the same? The University of Twente explores how people envision what the future should look like after corona.

The corona outbreak is having a huge impact on the lives of people all over the world. This global crisis has changed our daily routines in a way we never imagined possible. This shows us that far-reaching changes are possible. It makes us aware of the fact that many things we have always found normal can be questioned. When this crisis is over, do we want to go back to the way it was or are there things we would rather see changed? Suppose we had the opportunity to design a new future, what would it look like?

The University of Twente would like to learn how different people view this future. For our research called “Will the world never be the same?” we would like to hear as many different voices as possible. That is why we are looking for people of different ages and backgrounds. Anyone aged 16 years and older can participate in the research. The research involves writing a letter from a future after corona and answering 10 questions. You can participate by clicking hereThe questionnaire works best on a computer. Feel free and be encouraged to send this message to as many people as possible if you think this research is important.



Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash.