Just Emergencies Episode 8: Covid-19 & Undocumented Migrant Communities. Vulnerability Part 2 with Josephine Greenbrook

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For Episode 8 of Just Emergencies: Covid-19 & Undocumented Migrant CommunitiesJosephine Greenbrook (twitter:@medicalhumanist) discusses how undocumented migrants and asylum seekers are affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

“We see that undocumented migrants […] are actually working in a lot of the fields that are still considered essential. […] So they’re essentially still necessary and they will be employing these people on the black market. And yet, these people are also essentially unprotected in every way.”

In the second instalment of our Vulnerability Series, Josephine explains how undocumented migrants and asylum seekers are made vulnerable by the societal structures and institutions in which they live. She highlights the importance of approaching the idea of vulnerability in a nuanced and careful way – simply labelling these groups as ‘vulnerable’ ignores the heterogeneity of circumstances and contexts within and between these communities.

Moreover, she discusses what pandemic responses need to do and consider in order to account for the range of vulnerabilities migrants – from women, to children, to undocumented workers – face, in order to make sure that they’re better protected and supported in the future.

To find out more, listen to the full episode and read the transcript.

Links and Further Resources

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