Just Emergencies Episode 6: Vulnerability Part 1 with Professor Wendy Rogers

Podcast - Vulnerability Part 1

Vulnerability. It’s a term we’ve all used before. We have an intuitive understanding of what it means. But, as becomes apparent in Episode 6 of Just Emergencies: Vulnerability with trailblazer Professor Wendy Rogers, the term can mean many different things in the field of bioethics.

“Although all people bleed, some people are much more likely to get cut than others.”

As a result, Wendy Rogers, together with Professors Catriona Mackenzie and Susan Dodds developed a taxonomy of vulnerability that sheds some light on the origins of different types of vulnerability.

In the interview, Professor Rogers explains how the taxonomy came about and how it might guide responses to global health emergencies. Especially relevant to the current Covid-19 outbreak Covid-19 outbreak, is Professor Roger’s mention of how vulnerability plays out in global pandemics.

To find out more, listen to the full episode and read the transcript.

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