Just Emergencies Episode 14: Vulnerability as Layers – Vulnerability Part 6

Layers of Vulnerability

In Episode 14 of Just Emergenices ‘Vulnerability as Layers,’ Professor Florencia Luna discusses her conception of layers of vulnerability.

Instead of approaching vulnerability through the lens of a taxonomy, Professor Luna argues that the metaphor of ‘layers’ of vulnerability captures the flexibility of dynamism of how vulnerability presents in and interacts with the real world.


‘I think we have to stay in tune with the layers and allow ourselves to this dynamism. And I think this is very difficult: we like taxonomies, we like to think that things are put in order and that we can rank and they stay like that: orderly classified. Reality and vulnerability are not like that.’

In the episode, Professor Luna explores howlayers of vulnerability can stack on top of and reinforce each other, and how examining these layers – and their triggering conditions – can help inform public policy.

Listen to the full episode and read the transcripts of ‘Episode 14: Vulnerability as Layers – Vulnerability Part 6’.

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