Just Emergencies Episode 11: Covid-19 and Political Resistance

BLM Protestors wearing Facemasks

In Episode 11 of Just Emergencies, Assistant Professor Meena Krishnamurthy discusses Political Resistance in the time of Covid-19.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a wave of anti-racist protests sweep across the United States and the world. People have also been taking to the streets to protest Covid-19 goverment measures and policies which they perceive to be an unjustified restriction on their liberty.

In this episode, Prof. Krishnamurthy talks about whether or not there is an obligation to participate in protests during a pandemic, how structural racism relates to the Covid-19 pandemic and the inequitable health outcomes we seen between ethnic groups, and the moral difference between anti-racist and anti-Covid protests.

So I think one of the things that we see when we think about Covid and people that are protesting… yes, race and police brutality seem to be the trigger. But in the moment of Covid, it’s drawing our attention to these broader structural processes that are contributing to the disproportionate impact of Covid on people of colour, particularly Black, Latino, and Indigenous Americans.

Furthermore, she argues that engaging in protests is something that needs to be habituated and encultured. Covid-19, in this sense, has given people a unique context in which they have time for self-reflection and to participate in protests.

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Meena Krishnamurthy

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